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Reubens Accomplice, Sat. Dec 22nd @ Modified in Phoenix. [26 Nov 2007|08:59pm]
See you there! Thank You!

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get excited [19 Jun 2007|11:43pm]
with The Format, Mike Birbiglia, Limbeck, and Steel Train
07/13 Phoenix, AZ @ Orpheum Theatre
07/14 Phoenix, AZ @ Orpheum Theatre

with The Format, Honorary Title, Limbeck, and Steel Train
08/01 Hollywood, CA @ Avalon
08/02 Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues
08/03 San Francisco, CA @ Geat American Music Hall
08/04 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
08/05 Seattle, WA @ Neumos
08/07 Vancouver, BC @ Croatian Cultural Center
08/09 Calgary, AB @ The Warehouse
08/10 Edmonton, AB @ Dinwoodie Lounge at Univ. of Alberta
08/11 Saskatoon, SK @ Louis Pub at Univ. of Saskatchewan
08/12 Winnipeg, MB @ Ramada Theatre
08/15 Ottawa, ON @ Babylon
08/16 Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
08/17 Rochester, NY @ Water Street Music Hall

with The Format, Piebald, Steel Train, Limbeck
08/18 So. Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
08/19 Boston, MA @ Avalon Ballroom
08/21 New York, NY @ Webster Hall
08/22 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
08/23 Philadelphia, PA @ The Trocadero Theatre
08/24 Norfolk, VA @ The Norva
08/25 Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
08/26 Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle
08/28 Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
08/29 Cleveland, OH @ The Agora Theatre
08/30 Grand Rapids, MI @ Intersection
08/31 Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew Hall
09/01 Chicago, IL @ The Vic
09/02 St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
09/04 Iowa City, IA @ The Picador
09/05 Sauget, IL @ Pops
09/06 Lawrence, KS @ The Granada
09/07 Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theatre
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May 18 & May 19 in Phoenix [25 Apr 2007|09:53am]
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Phoenix August 31st @ Modified w/ Limbeck and Alcoholiday [24 Aug 2006|11:48pm]

We are playing a show on Thursday, August 31st in Phoenix at Modified Arts with our good friends Limbeck and our new friends Alcoholiday. Be there and be rad.

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Western Tread Show Revue III [21 Apr 2006|10:58am]
[ mood | quixotic ]

Hello Everyone,

The next Western Tread Show Revue is on May 8th in Tempe, Arizona @ 8PM, All profits to benefit the Empact-Suicide Prevention Center. Show will sell out. Reserved tickets ($13) on sale at TicketWeb.

Venue information and directions.

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Rhythm Room, February 23rd Flyer [11 Feb 2006|08:09pm]
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We have not played a show in Arizona as a full band since May! So we are really hoping to see a lot of y'all at our show on Feb. 23rd at the rythmn room (even if it means driving in from out of town). here is how it will all go down.

8:15 Hiller
9:00 Matthew Reveles
9:50 Source Victoria
10:50 Reubens Accomplice

This is an all ages show and the only show we have booked for the next few months while we continue working on the new record, which by the way is going really well. We are just trying to eliminate any songs we feel are not reaching the bar we set. Take care all and we hope to see you there.
for tickets and/or more info. go to www.statesidepresents.com
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??????????questions??????????here are some shitty answers!!!!!! [27 Dec 2005|03:30pm]
sorry to everyone who is reading this (i'm assuming you're fans) we are 80% finished demoing over 20 songs which will eventually make up a 12 song 3rd LP called "mammal music" as to when we will actually be recording this record we are unsure. I can promise you that we all have been very busy. Chris, Ryan and I work on the demos every chance we can. John has been out a few times to help us but he is also tracking a fair amount of drums for the format in LA for their new record as well as planning his wedding in April. I wanted to post something just so everyone would know that we are working. I'm sorry there are no shows to announce (hopefully really soon for at least AZ if not Cali as well) and there is also no record release date to announce either. We are very frustrated that the recording process takes so long but please don't forget about us when we finally get our shit together we will need your support more than ever. Thanks everyone take care hope you had a good holiday.
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does anybody read this anymore? where are all your posts? [11 Nov 2005|10:44am]
“See you later John!!” Ryan yelped as we left John behind in London. We were being whisked away to the airport after our show to catch a 6am flight to Germany. The airport was a real scene at 3:30 in the morning, there were hundreds of people sleeping everywhere. We stupidly opted not to sleep seeing as how our flight was boarding in 2 hours (big mistake). We flew on Ryan Air Europe’s low cost carrier. They offer super cheap flights but be very cautious, they advertise that they fly in and out of large well known cities but in reality they fly in and out of farms usually located an hour or more outside of large well known cities. Total bullshit. We landed our ignorant asses an hour and half bus/train ride away from where our rental car was. Still no sleep we picked up our car drove an hour to our hotel and totally crashed for like one whole hour.

We showed up at our first Germany show (in Essen) with Olli Shulz & der Hund Marie like a bunch of sun blazed zombies asking where we could plug our computer in. The show went over OK however no John/drummer equaled no feeling, we must learn to try harder or least look cooler while trying. It was a bit of a tough show for us considering that we hadn’t practice a set without John in 3 weeks. But we made it through the audience was very patient and nice.Two positive things on the day: 1) we were excited to find out that all the rumors of German hospitality are very true. First things first, let’s take a brake. In the U.S. you arrive to rush a sound check, in Germany you arrive to a deli tray, fruit, cheese, coffee and more. Later the club also supplies dinner and hotel rooms. 2) we were very excited and relieved to find that Olli (guitarist and singer) and the band Andrew (drums), Dennis (bass) and Max (guitar) are all very cool guys also their crew Wooler and Riener. They made sure to give us a warm German welcome and that we were all comfortable. Despite the lack of sleep we had a great time with the guys that night and were really looking forward to the rest of the tour.

Our second show was in Karlsruhe we were well rested and determined to make this punk rock karaoke show rock. The club was really cool. It was an old underground subway station that had since been closed hence the name Substage. Unfortunately there were problems with the PA and our sound check was reduced to a ten minute line check. Much like the first night everything went OK but we still were not happy with how the backing drum tracks were sounding. The tracks just were not loud or big enough. Once again the audience was lovely and interested to see what we Americans had to offer. After the show we hung out with Olli and the gang and got to know all of them a little better. Seriously good people with great stories, Olli use to drive the Weakerthans and many other bands around Europe when they came over to tour. We talked a lot about music and shared stories of concerts we had seen.

The third show was in Switzerland and since the GPS in our rental car only worked in Germany we decided to convoy with Olli. This was fun because we got to hang out with these guys even more and anyone who has ever toured knows how much of a tour actually takes place at truck stops. I can’t believe I forgot to mention the Autobahn the myth the legend it’s all true you can actually drive as fast as you want, it’s truly awesome. The club was on the second floor of a building over looking a giant lake with mountains in the background. I don’t think we’ve ever played a club this scenic in the states. Contrary to what John thought we were eating better than ever and drinking wine with our meals. Sound check went really well and we were excited to play, we finally had it all figured out. Somehow between sound check and the show the front of house sound man forgot everything we had told him only 2 hours prior. During the show we were hearing the drum tracks thru our monitors however for some reason he failed to put them thru the mains, meaning we could hear our backing tracks but the audience could not hear them at all. Once again our plan of taking Europe by storm was foiled, but this time we were pissed off and determined to never let it happen again. The show ended very late. We all slept very little, but not as little as Ryan. Ryan stayed up nearly all night talking to a girl at the club that he ended up making out with. Description was rated PG. Still waiting for rated “R” Ryan to appear.

We had to be on the road at 7:30 AM so we could make it to Wien (Vienna), Austria in time for sound check. The drive from Rorschach, Switzerland to Wien is about 8 ½ hours. The drive was long but very beautiful, green mountains with beautifully fall colored trees. Again we had a great time convoying with our new German friends. At a truck stop Andrew, drummer of Olli Schulz, offered to play a couple of songs with us at the show. Of course we were interested. We pulled up to club to find Olli horsing around with some dude. As it turns out they weren't horsing around at all this guy wanted to fight twelve of us so he could keep his parking spot in front of the club? What a dip shit! Of course we quickly changed his mind and sent him packing, which he did so by burning rubber and giving us all the finger. It made us all feel very at home in this foreign land. The soundman was a great guy, he understood our situation and wanted us to be happy and sound good. Finally we were happy! The computer sounded huge and Andrew played two songs with us. We were all extremely pleased. We stayed at this great hotel owned by two crazy brothers who are huge music fans. Supposedly everyone has at one point stayed here even the Beatles and they had a picture of Howe Gelb in the lobby. How cool is that?

Nurnberg was our last show with Olli. The show was well attended and the sound was great again. There was a lot of drinking taking place this night which all culminated in us joining Olli and the boys on stage for a 15 minute improv jam of a song all about the Boogeyman. The crowd went from thrilled to slightly entertained to dumbfounded to bored and we still had 7 minutes left of our weirdo jam. For the first time on this tour the club owners were not the nicest people and so we were all in a hurry to leave for the hotel. This is where we had our farewell party and once again stayed up the entire night.

The next three shows we were on our own. Bremen is a very cool small college town that looks really old except for the high tech super trains running down the middle of every street. The show took place upstairs at a club called the tower bar which looked like a castle on the inside. It was explained to us that it was indi rock dance night down stairs and that the show would be free for anyone to check out. We were all a little worried that the allure of sexy sweaty dancing would be to strong to resist and that no one would come upstairs. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that was not the case. As many people as could squeeze into the small room did and it made for a very enjoyable fun show. Oliver the owner was a great guy and at the end of the night he told us your hotel/apartment is on such and such street but he couldn't remember the exact number. He told us, "the key will be under a flower pot, good luck". At 4am we found ourselves searching every flower pot on the street but when we finally found a key under a flower pot we were no longer anywhere close to where Oliver said the hotel was. We made the decision that this must be the place and went in. Oh yeah this is important, in Europe there is no one working at the front desk except for in the morning. The hotel was really nice with a balcony overlooking acres of gardens. When we woke up we went downstairs to check out only to find out that we in fact were not at the right hotel, we had slept in someone else’s room. We had a broken conversation with a German woman who was upset but couldn't understand us so she just smiled and waved us goodbye.

Before heading to Hamburg we decided to check out Bremen a little more. At one point Chris was taking pictures of a cow when he tripped and fell into a barbed wire fence. We decided he should go to the emergency room to get stitches for at least one of the gashes. He was in and out of there in 45 minutes with some new stitches, bandages, and two tetanus shots and the whole thing only cost 50 euros. European health care rules! The show in Hamburg was in an area called the reaperbohn where all the red light districts are. All the prostitutes dress in snowboarding clothes even the boots and a hip pouch. Actually a very strange site to witness. Why do they have a uniform? We were playing by ourselves and with no dance night to draw people we were sure that no one would show. However, about 50 people did and they even made us play an encore. At this point we are all falling in love with Germany. The crowds are just the most considerate bunch of music lovers.

In the morning we walked around Hamburg. I wish we had more time here it is a very cool looking city with a lot happening. Before the wall came down this was Germany's media mecca. Anyway onto Berlin. The show went very well, Olli and Dennis showed up to support us. We also got to meet Philip the man who booked this leg of the tour. He was a really great guy funny down to earth and he took us all out to a fancy dinner (John would have loved this restaurant). After the show we hung out and talked to all of our new German friends. Everyone we met was just such good people we are really going to miss all of them. It was finally starting to hit that this was the end of our five week adventure so it was definitely a little sad. In the morning we told my brother farewell (Mark if your reading this I'm really glad you were with us the whole time and thank you) ate breakfast in Berlin flew to London for lunch and were safe in John's arms in Brooklyn for dinner. Crazy! Overall this trip gets a 9 out of 10 from me I feel revived and lucky to have had the opportunity. Thank you so much to all of our new friends from England and Germany we were very fortunate to have met y'all!

Jeff(just filling in for John)Bufano
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Ta ra and guten tag [23 Oct 2005|05:30pm]
Well, I'm home now (this is John) and the rest of the dudes are in Germany. I had to come home to work and I'm super sad to not be over there with them, especially because I'm sure they're having a hard time finding their way around the country without me to navigate, and I bet they're eating crap without me nagging them all into getting healthy and frequent food. They're so screwed.

So, the end of the UK trip went fine...nothing too special to report. We played in Sheffield, in the middle of England (where the movie The Full Monty was supposed to take place, if you care about that sort of thing). The town itself was kind of dull and the same goes for the club, but the show went fine and afterwards Sam drove us back to just outside London to sleep at his fiance's place. It was very nice and her mom cooked us a nice full English breakfast (yum). We loafed around her place most of the day and then went over to Islington, a neighborhood of London for the gig at Bar Academy. It was a nice club, in sort of a shopping mall (it felt like we were in California) and the show was fine. There actually was a pretty good turnout that night, and quite a few people were actually there to see us! It was nice to end the trip with a good number of people singing along with us. First Born and Dopamine both played exceptionally and we had a frenzied merch exchange and CD/shirt signing party at the end of the night. The gig ended at 10:30 and the club sort of pushed us out of there pretty quick. I was heading back to Dopamine's manager Jon's place in London that night and we were taking the "tube" (subway) back, which stops running at midnight (crazy, right?), so I was ushered out of there pretty quickly. It kind of sucked, because I felt like I didn't get to say a proper goodbye to the gang before I left. It was just quick hugs and promises to keep in touch and off I went, just like that. The Dopamine guys really are a great bunch of dudes and I actually was sad to say goodbye. Lets just hope that we get to do some shows together again soon.

The next day Jon and I went into London and checked out the Tate Britain museum's exhibition of Degas, Sickert and Toulouse-Lautrec...it was pretty good, but a bit of an overload of culture after riding around in a van with a rock band for three weeks. We then rode the Tate to Tate water taxi along the Thames, past Parliament (cool view from the river) and the ginormous London Eye to the Tate Modern. It was a pretty nice, but doesn't hold a candle to New York's MOMA. Dude, London is so lame. Let's motor... Jon and his wife Cai (I think that's how you spell it) drove me to the airport and away I went. 7 hours back to New York and here I am.

So, Jeff, Chris, Ryan and Mark are over in Germany right now. I haven't heard anything from them other than that their rental car was booked at the wrong airport in Dusselforf (courtesy of Ryan's www.ironlemon.com...check it out). Who knows what they're up to...

So, overall impressions of the UK:

bathroom sinks with separate spouts for hot and cold water
belly buster breakfasts
new metal/"post hardcore" local bands
Carling beer
Southampton the town
shows over by 11pm
security cameras EVERYWHERE
drunken chavs

Beans on toast
Southhampton the show at Joiners
real ale
shows over by 11pm
stuff that's older that anything we have over here
Half Light
chips with cheese and beans at 2am

Well, that's about it for now. Hopefully those other dudes will have something to say about Germany soon. Keep posted...
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Bropium to Aberdeeeelicious [19 Oct 2005|02:26pm]
So, we made our way up to Scotland...the drive was wicked (that's a good thing over here). I was kind of asleep as we drove in to Edinburgh, but I woke up just as we were getting into the city and as we passed a vista from a high point in the new town looking into the older part of the city I think the entire van looked over and said "holy shit...". It's gotta be the coolest looking city I've ever seen. The "new" town is nothing cool to look at really, but is still very nice...the "old" town, however is crazy...just buildings stacked on top of each other staggered on a a hill, with all kinds of winding staircases and steep cobblestone streets snaking all around. Really fun stuff to explore.

We got to the venue, which seemed kinda in the middle of nowhere, but in actuality was only a block from one of the main drags in town. The crowd was pretty good and while our show was going on in the smaller room upstairs, there was a crazy dance party going on in the main space downstairs. This was something I don't think any of us have seen in the States: a dance club set up for UNDER 18 year olds. You'd think that it's some alcohol-free, innocent little kids party, but don't be fooled...it might not have been filled with drunkards like most clubs, but it seemed to be overrun by sweaty, slutty, horny, half naked kids, grinding on each other and dancing in a shockingly sexual manner. It kinda freaked me out...these pre-pubescent teens in their underwear showing off their stuff while pole dancing on a stage. Really weird, but at least it is for only those UNDER 18, so you don't get a bunch of sleazy 30 year olds in there gawking at it all.

Our show was fine...it got done pretty early and some of our crew went to a club called Opium, while some of us hung around the venue being mellow. I don't particularly like the noisy club/bar scene and I'm not single...actually, I think it was only the single dudes of the group who went to the club. We got some chips, stopped in at the club to see what was up and soon called it a night by following a girl someone met at the show to her dorm room at the local Uni and sleeping on the floor in the common area. It was comfortable, we slept well, and we got up refreshed and happy.

From here we drove up to Aberdeen, almost at the very tip of this isle of Great Britain. Weird looking city...it's pretty much all built out of granite, so it's just gray and kinda dismal looking. It's actually a bigger town than I expected and we had a great time that night. The show was cool...also ending pretty early. The highlight of the show was Ryan deciding to organize a stage dive. I say "organize" because there just weren't enough people in the club to be able to dive safely, so he had all of us on board to crowd the area in front of the stage to catch him. It went pretty well...actually very dramatic...we kinda shuffled around for a while, carrying him around until he was satisfied and set him down. It was almost as if Ryan was some sort of messiah or something, with us his unworthy followers lifting him up to the heavens. Shit, maybe he is the messiah.

That night we quickly loaded our gear in the van and went across the street to a cool bar that was once a church. It was all decorated with creepy weird stuff and the bathrooms were behind bookcases and such. A little cheesy, but pretty cool nonetheless. I had a Scotch whisky and was satisfied. From here we went to Exodus, the club that all the locals said was the place to be on Sunday night. I was skeptical at first (as I've mentioned, I don't like clubs per se), but it was actually a total blast. I think in previous live journal posts I've explained some of the clubbing antics this group is capable of, and I certainly wasn't let down in this instance. We got to the club, hung out nursing some beers for about an hour, and then Jeff, Chris and Mark starting tearing the place up. The club was typical for a younger sort of crowd, with most people milling about and NOT dancing, but these dudes just starting tearing it up with reckless abandon. There was robot dancing. There was pogo-ing. There was the ubiquitous backspin by Chris. It escalated to a full on smoke machine enhanced romp that grabbed the whole club's attention, which then resulted in the whole club joining in. It was pretty amazing to watch. I acted as documentarian, video taping the whole thing from a little perch up some stairs, and couldn't stop laughing. Eventually the whole club was jumping and our boys kept raising the bar with every song. The culmination for me was Mark screaming the lyrics to a Foo Fighters song at some random dude and Jeff doing a blindfolded pogo dance. Good times. Fun stuff.

That night we wound up at the flat of some friends of Sam's. They were super cool and much appreciative of our clubbing antics. They told as that Exodus never really went off like it did that night...that people generally didn't dance and it was usually pretty boring. Let's hope we started a trend over there. All of us slept well at their place except Ryan. Ryan actually ended up staying with some girl from Aberdeen. Go Ryan! I won't reveal the details, but Ryan was very proud of himself. We were proud too.

That Monday we had a much deserved day off, so we picked up the Ryman and drove from Aberdeen back to Edinburgh. We had reserved hotel rooms in Edinburgh that night right in the center of town, so we were all super excited. Nothing too off the wall happened, as days off usually end up being monopolized by stuff like checking email and rehearsing some songs and stuff like that, but we did have fun. Ryan, Chris and I spied a vegetarian restaurant just across from the hotel and decided to check it out. It was a super nice place (especially for being on tour) and we ate very well. Yum. I convinced the Dopamine dudes to accompany me to a bar in the old town that served over 100 Scotch whiskies while the Reubens crew rehearsed some songs for the Germany shows back at the hotel. We all enjoyed a couple delicious whiskies and ended up going back to the club the dudes hung out two nights before. They had a pool table, so once the Reubens crew joined us, we taught the Welshmen how to play Showdown, a three ball, hands on billiard game that Chris' brother Mike and Jeff made up. I won't bother explaining it to you, but it's super fun, and Dopamine was into it. We're hoping it catches on in Wales.

That's about it...we stopped by the local chip shop for late night eats (as we do every night, wherever we are) and called it a night. It was nice to have hotel rooms for the night and not feel like we were imposing on any strangers we met at a show. Edinburgh is amazing. I feel like we only scratched the surface of what it has to offer, so I really hope to make it back someday soon. You should try to go to...it's so rad.

Well, we're on our way to Sheffield now...winding through some really beautiful scenery in Scotland and northern England. The UK portion of the tour is almost over...it seems like it just began! We'll keep you posted, so keep checking in with us.

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This Shit's Bananas [18 Oct 2005|10:54am]
"Ryan, we don't want you to be that guy in the PG-13 rated movie that we're all really rooting for...we want you to be that guy in the R rated movie that we're really not too sure about." Sound advice, but still no luck. We'll keep trying...

Again, sorry for the delay in reports. I'll try to be quick, but know I won't be. We hung out in Wales for a few days, where we played a show in Cardiff, the capital...it was awesome. A really cool club...similar to the Knitting Factory back home in NY, with three separate floors for music...treated us really well, and we had the band Half Light open the show. This was the girl who opened for us in Kingston, and it was awesome...that much better with a band. The day after the show we had a day off that we spent in Caerphilly, checking out their massive castle (complete with moat), drinking in the local pubs (cask ales are delicious), getting our golf fix in at the driving range (Jeff and Chris are golfers...anyone know that? Weird, right?) and meeting up with the entire Dopamine crew, complete with girlfriends and wives, for a delicious "curry" at Dopamine's favorite Indian restaurant. Caerphilly is pretty rad...it was fun.

The next day we played in Oxford. The show was fine...a pretty good turnout, but the club itself was nothing too special. What was fun about it though was getting to witness the England vs. Poland football (soccer) match in the front part of the club. We were walking around town, checking out the schools and churches (which were all pretty awesome) and at about 8pm we noticed the streets just emptied, as everyone filtered into pubs to watch the game. England came out ahead by 1, which I'm told means their going to the World Cup. Go team! I guess Wales (Dopamine's favorite) was also playing that night to avoid being absolute last in the league and they won, so that was good news too. Oxford itself was pretty awesome. This is where Einstein went to school for a while, dudes. Also Oscar Wilde, a hero of ours, and we all know that Radiohead is from Oxford. It was pretty cool checking out the town...it was raining, but we got a feel for it. Very old, majestic buildings, but pretty typical college town vibe. I don't know if I expected all the students walking around to be clad in tweed suits and sweaters, carrying their books bound in a leather strap, but somehow I was surprised to find them like normal, kinda dumb, drunk and horny students. This almost worked in Ryan's favor, but alas.....

That night was a little rough. We drove about an hour north to Coventry to stay with Dopamine's friend Pete. Pete is a big drinker and though he received the text message about us staying with him and responded to it, it somehow didn't quite make it all the way and we found him naked, plastered, and passed out with his flat mates unaware of our plans to stay. Luckily their next door neighbors helped out and let some of the 12 of us crash with them. We all slept, which is all that really matters and Pete eventually got up, put on some clothes and took us to a great greasy spoon kinda place for breakfast. Sam ate something called the Belly Buster that was just out of control. I think I saw him ingest three sausages.

From Coventry we drove to Lincoln, near where Robin Hood was from. It was a really cool town...the old part of it up on this big hill, with a MASSIVE cathedral on top. Seriously, this thing was out of control...it's the third largest in England and built in the 13th century. Chris and I walked up the very steep and winding cobblestone street to it and were just blown away. It's bells just began to peal as we got up there too, so it was pretty awesome. There was a castle up there too, and this was the site that the Romans started an outpost in like, 70 A.D. or something. It's kinda surreal all the history these places are steeped in. So, the show was pretty fun...it was promoted, run, and amplified by a guy named Steven Hawkings (not the crazy scientist dude, but maybe just as brilliant) who used to manage, tour manage and amplify Dinosaur Jr. Jeff, Chris and Ryan are huge Dinosaur Jr. (and Sebadoh, Lou Barlow's other band) fans, so this was fun for them to meet this guy and talk about them. I just thought he was amazing...just a really cool guy with lots of stories and boundless energy. I think he ran everywhere he went...hurtling guitar cases and bouncing off walls. The show was really fun...maybe the most fun so far for me. We also managed to find a place to stay with the opening band. They lived in a little house not far from the club and had a raging party that night in our honor...we were skeptical at first, but it ended up being fun. Jeff, James and I slept in a room with a small black bunny named Murray. It was a good night.

From here we drove to Newcastle upon Tyne, where Chris started to salivate because he loves their Brown Ale. We drank some. We played a show (just us and Dopamine for this one). We saw a bunch of bridges. We saw a monument to Earl Grey. We went to H&M and bought long underwear. We saw countless half naked women in high heels (how do they walk on this cobblestone?). We saw masses of insanely drunk people, partying with an "epic irresponsibility" (this is what my Lonely Planet tour guide had to say) as if tomorrow might never happen, then sloppily making fools of themselves on the streets and in line for McDonalds at 1am. Seriously, this place was OUT OF CONTROL. Drunk people everywhere, stumbling about and punching each other...it was a little bit scary...we had some Euro-preppy dude come up and pester us about hanging around in the garage next to the club...he was so drunk, he didn't know what was going on. A pack of chavs were yelping like rabid coyotes as they knocked a huge garbage bin into the road. Think of any party frenzied college town you've been to and amplify it by 11 and you'll get the idea. The show was fine, though the club was crazy smokey. We've gotten used to most places in the States where smoking has been banned in bars, so this place really hurt. While we were playing, I felt like someone was sitting in my lap, smoking a cigarette and blowing the smoke up my nose. Yuk. Everyone played well though.

You know, I can't believe it, but I don't think I've mentioned Jeff's brother Mark yet. Mark lives in Barcelona, Spain and met us in London at the start of the trip. He's been traveling with us all the while and sells and sets up merch for us at the shows. It's been nice having him around...he's a bit more of a world traveller than we are and is helpful in that respect. He also seems pretty tough and if we ever got into a hairy situation, I feel he'd be an asset. He's also super cool. Anyway, Mark had a couple of friends who came to the show, one of which lives just outside Newcastle, so we stayed with her. We left the Dopamine crew to their own devices...they ended up at a club until about 4 and then crashed with some Geordies (Newcastle's locals) only to be woken up at 7:30am and kicked out. We fared much better, with two lovely and gracious hosts, soft cushions to lie upon and tea, toast and showers in the morning. Sometimes I don't know how we do it...rolling into some foreign town without a place to stay and somehow making it work. We'll see how we do tonight...we're now on our way to Edinburgh, Scotland. In fact, I'm going to stop writing because I wanna check out the scenery. We'll try to report again soon... Ta ra...
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Chair Factor 100 [10 Oct 2005|02:41pm]
Hey all, sorry for the inconsistent posts...apparently, the UK is a little behind the times on internet connections. We've been writing posts, but just haven't had internet connections to post them.

Well since the last post, we've played a few shows, seen some of the country, slept on some floors. Not much different than our tours back home.

First off I want to give you the cast of characters for the trip, just so I don't have to explain myself. Dopamine's crew consists of Neil - guitar and singer, Iain - guitar, James - bass, Sam - drums, Phil (P2K5) - roadie/tech, and Ed - merch. First Born's crew is Simon - singer, Chris - guitars, Neil - bass, and Nick - drums. Ok...got it?

The night after Southampton was Weston Super Mare, a coastal town very similar to the New Jersey coast...a sort of boardwalk area, with restaurants and bars, and a huge pier with an amusement arcade at the end. It was nice to be on the water and walk on the beach, though it was pretty cold out. The show was fine...just First Born, us and Dopamine...it went off fine and they fed us tasty curry/chili on chips for dinner. Yum. That night we drove to Caerphilly, just outside Cardiff in Wales to stay at James' house. We had pizzas and Natalie, James' girlfriend, made us a tasty breakfast of eggs, beans, bacon and toast. Do you really care about what we eat? I thought so...

The next day we drove to Luton, about 30 miles north of London. We played at the University student center there...it was filled with kids (all ages show)...most of them more interested in each other than the music, but it was festive nonetheless. The show went fine...some opening bands, blah blah blah...nothing too special. That night we slept at a friend of Dopamine Neils' house. It was a little nuts, with about 15 guys in the small living room at one point. Luckily, some of us could sleep in the Dopamine van, but there was still a motley crew sleeping on that floor. We had one guy, who none of us knew, sleeping upright in an office chair all night. It was pretty creepy looking in the dark, actually.

After our magical night in Luton, we made our way back to the south coast to play in Torquay. We loved that name...pronounced tor-key, which to us sounds a lot like turkey. We tourqed about it a lot that day. The town of Torquay is really cool...kinda touristy, but nice. It's on the "English Riviera" and is where the TV show Fawlty Towers is supposed to take place. It had a main street lined with shops that wound down to the harbor, filled with yachts and such. It's in a bay, so the scenery was awesome...green hills all around. The show was whatever...not many people there and two terrible metal bands (though they called themselves "post hard-core") opening the show. These torquays were pretty unbearable, so I skipped out on watching them. We've been stuck with a bunch of these "new metal" bands on this tour...we hope it's not like this the whole time. Dopamine and First Born I'm sure would concur. Everything went off without a hitch though, and we drove a couple hours from Torquay back to Wales to stay at Dopamine Neil's house. Man, he lives in a nice place...very comfortable.

So, here we are now...having some down time playing video games (I've been schooling Ed at Tony Hawk Underground and now Chris is killing people on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas) and eating toast and tea. Tonight we play in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Yeehaw.

Until next time...
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U nbuckled K nickers [10 Oct 2005|02:39pm]
Hi. We're in the UK. The big Untied Knot. The Unholy Kilt. The Uneaten Kibble. The Unbuckled Knickers (or so Ryan hopes). The United Kingdom...God bless the Queen and all that. Totally awesome, dudes.

We got here a few days ago and have played two shoes so far. The shows themselves have been cool...the first was in Kingston upon Thames, just outside London. We played in a place called the Peel that doubled as rock and strip club (get it..."peel"?). We played in the smaller side of the club, where the peeling normally happens, so there was a constant flow of older men stepping inside the doors, seeing what was going on (no stripping) and turning right back around. It was pretty entertaining. The show was nice, opening with the singer from Half Light playing by herself (no band)...she was great...we're playing with her and her band on Monday the 10th also. Second to play was a band called First Born that will be doing most of this tour with us. They sounded great...sometimes on the heavier side, but with really interesting rhythmic stuff going on. I'll be interested to check them out more. We played and it went well...nothing too exciting to report. Then Dopamine (the other band we're touring with who's headlining every night) rocked us all silly and that was that. My highlight of the evening was sampling the Guinness beer that really was a lot better than what we get at home, but still not as good as what you can get in Ireland, so we're told.

Last night was the second show we've played. In Southampton, on the south coast of England. It's where the Queen Mary was built (for all you near Long Beach, where it now rests) and the Titanic set sail (weird, right?). We weren't near the harbor really, so we didn't see that whole scene, and the area we were in was pretty run down, but a bunch of people came to the show and it was really fun. First Born didn't play last night, but two local bands did. One of them was a super heavy hardcore/metal band, but the other was called the Endora Parade, which sounded a bit like Limbeck (again for all you SoCal-ers). They were really nice and were familiar with us and Limbeck...it was a little weird actually, having someone know about us from so far away (well, really nice, actually). Everyone played great and the show went off without a hitch. From there we went to stay at James' (the bass player from Dopamine) sister's vacant apartment, where we all are now. Lots of dudes on the floor...it smells great.

Other than playing these shows, we had a couple days to hang out in London, which was fun. We played the typical tourist, seeing Big Ben and Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, St. Paul's Cathedral, Piccadilly Circus, The Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, etc., etc. We've been sampling all the tasty ales they have over here, eating fish and chips, steak and ale pies and bangers and mash, taking our tea with milk every morning, driving on the left and being wholly confused at intersections, where we're really glad the have written on the curbs which way to look for traffic (apparently we're not the only confused pedestrians). We've been burrowing like moles deep underground to the Tube (London's Underground) whilst "minding the gap" and getting stuck while the trains stop for bomb threats (we got really messed up one day, having to skirt around an unattended bag at a train station). The people seem very nice, extremely polite, but a little more reserved than what we're used to at home (especially for me, living in New York) and everywhere is incredibly clean, especially around London...pretty impressive actually.

OK, I told myself this wouldn't be as long as posts I've made in the past, but I guess I failed...I promise to keep them shorter in the future, but I want our adoring fans (you guys) to know what's up with your boys. Don't worry...we're keepin' it real here in the Greatest of Britains and representing for all you Yanks. Word...
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please go to these shows [30 Sep 2005|02:10am]
September 30th NYC,New York @ Mo Pitkins

UK Tour Dates
All Dates with Dopamine
October 4th Kingston Upon Thames @ THE PEEL
October 8th LUTON @ UNI
October 11th OFF
October 13th LINCOLN @ BIVOUAC
October 16th ABERDEEN @ KEF

Germany Tour Dates
October 20th Essen (GER) @ KKC, w/ Olli Schulz
October 21st Karlsruhe (GER) @ SUBSTAGE, w/ Olli Schulz
October 22nd Rorschach (CH) @ HASENBUFFET, w/ Olli Schulz
October 23rd Wien (A) @ B72, w/ Olli Schulz
October 24th Nürnberg (GER) @ HIRSCH, w/ Olli Schulz
October 25th Bremen (GER) @ TOWER BAR
October 26th Hamburg (GER) @ TANZHALLE
October 27th Berlin (GER) @ KNAACK KLUB

we will be sure to keep you all updated as our adventures once again begin. hope some of you can make it out to these shows or have friends that can. we are almost finished demoing mammal music which we hope to record in January for a march/april release. we will be playing a few U.S. shows between now and then. take care all
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we decided to play shows [27 Aug 2005|12:11am]
So we are going to take a much deserved break from demoing the new record and go out to Europe for our first time to play some shows. We are super excited! Please tell anyone you might know that lives in this part of the world to check out the shows. You can go to our new and still changing website for all the dates(let us know if you have ideas for the site other than a message board)We are planing to add pics as well as some old songs you can download. Oh yeah there will be a full band Arizona show in November we promise.
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Acoustic Tonight (Friday April 29th) @ Stinkweeds [29 Apr 2005|02:17pm]
Hello Everyone,

We had a great time last night playing the Calexico / Neko Case show. It was an honor to share the stage with that many talented musicians. We'd like to say thank you very much to our friends Matt, Aaron, Robin and John Rauhouse for sitting in with us last night. You guys made it very enjoyable for Jeff, Ryan and myself.

We are also playing tonight, Friday April 29th, acoustic for $3 at Stinkweeds (in Tempe on Apache in between Rural and McClintock). I believe the show is starting at 10PM (but you might want to call Stinkweeds to double check the time). Also playing the show is Ryan Ferguson, one of the main singers and guitarists of the great "NO Knife". All sets will be minimal acoustic mellow stuff. Our band tonight may be just Jeff and I, hopefully Ryan as well.

Hope to see you there.
Much Love,
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Everybody abodabo. [18 Mar 2005|01:28am]
[ mood | full ]

So, I’ve been putting off writing this journal just because I’m home now and being out on tour always seems so far away when I’m home…like I can barely remember what happened or what it was like…but that’s just me making excuses so here it goes:

Um…the start of the tour was a bit of a blur because I was in Nashville recording some drums for a friend of mine’s record and then in my overworked and sleep deprived state I found myself on a plane to Phoenix and all of a sudden I was eating hot and sour soup from the awesome Chinese place near Chris’ house and then we were rehearsing and then the next morning we were speeding through the desert towards San Diego and then all of a sudden it was pouring rain and then there was Hellogoodbye and Steel Train and Limbeck and then I started to mellow out…like I had been there all along. This is now the third tour we’ve done with some combination of the aforementioned bands and really it’s starting to feel very homey for us. We all get along so well…it’s like one big happy family.

That first show was ok…in some club in a strip mall (is everything on the west coast in a strip mall?)…I think everyone played well…like I said, I was a bit out of it, but I think it was fine. I remember eating Carl’s Junior from across the street and Steel Train simultaneously yelling at and offering pizza to a rude bunch of audience members.

From here we stayed at a friends Japanese apartment and woke up early for a delightful Denny’s breakfast. Our friend and Western Tread Recordings executive Charlie Levy was in tow for this first leg of the trip, so that was fun…he sort of puts it all into perspective for us, which is helpful on the road. We ate and laughed and won a fuzzy bunny out of a crane game machine and continued on to UC Irvine, where we frolicked around the central park area for a while and then played a live radio show with the other bands. That was actually a lot of fun. We played a new song for the first time ever as a band live on the show (no rehearsal, which is always a good idea)…I think it went over well. I think Steel Train sounded amazing at this thing…man, they’re good…and Scott can really play the hell out of the egg shaker…for serious.

From here it was on to the San Fernando Valley where we played at the Cobalt Café in Canoga Park. Canoga Park (The CP for us locals) is not far from where I grew up in Van Nuys and on this particular night I was not too proud of my hood. The show was good, I guess, in that the bands played well and there were a lot of people there and there’s an awesome British pub next door, but the club itself was a DRAG. Just a bummer from the get go when they wouldn’t let me in the back door with 100 pounds of drum hardware on my back without a silly stamp on my hand. Just a dumpy club run horribly by a bunch of jerks…no offense to anyone’s whose home turf this is (remember, I’m a local too). If you have an option when deciding where to go see bands or where to play with your own band, I’d suggest somewhere other than the Cobalt Café.

The next few days were very relaxing. My parents live in the Pacific Palisades near Santa Monica, and so we claimed their humble abode as our own whilst gallivanting around the southland playing shows and eating Mexican food. On Sunday we hung out near the beach, ate Mexican food and then drove to Anaheim to play at the Chain Reaction. This was a good show, as we’ve come to expect at the Chain. Good people, a good turnout, and free pizza! The big excitement for the Reubens camp was a scenario we had schemed for days involving me being on my cell phone while the other bands were hanging around loading gear and such. The plan was for me to FREAK out, yelling and cursing, and out of the blue just slam the phone onto the pavement with such gusto as to break the phone into pieces and really freak out all the other bands (the phone was old and broken...don't worry). After much plodding (I was nervous to do it…I’m no actor) I finally got up the nerve and man, it worked so well that we had convinced the Limbeck guys that we might be breaking up the band. The Steel Train guys were pretty weirded out too…they thought I had totally lost it. I hid in the van for a few minutes to let it all sink in, but we could only let it last so long…all the other bands are so nice…they were really worried. This all might sound totally lame, but I’ll assume that you readers are by now used to our silly, childish games the we create for the purpose of keeping us entertained on the road. I thought it was fun…and it did entertain us for about ten minutes.

From the Chain it was back to the Chambre d'O'Reilly (parents house) for another restful night and then the ever-coveted DAY OFF. Limbeck had scheduled a show in Tijuana, Mexico that the rest of us were just too wimpy to join in on, so they went down there and ate their tacos or whatever and we hung out in L.A. and went to go see a friend’s band. Later, losers…

The next night’s show was at the world famous Whiskey a Go Go. We had never played there and I used to go see shows there as a kid a bunch, so getting to play there was fun or whatever, but the show itself was probably the least interesting of the tour. The only highlights that night were seeing Sam and Nate from the Format, who were in town to do some recording, eating killer pizza down the street (Frankie and Johnny’s or Franny and Zooey’s or something like that) and the much anticipated sighting of Steel Train Jack’s friend Scarlett Johansson who is a big movie starlet and has hung out with Bill Murray. I didn’t talk to her, but some of the other dudes did and said she was sort of lame and not that pretty. Sorry Scarlett.

Another night at the O’Reilly estate and we were really itching to get a move on. It was nice to have a home base for a few days, but man, it felt like we were just loafing around (well, I guess we were just loafing around) and it bothered us, so we welcomed getting on our way to Temecula and beyond. First we had to eat Mexican food...mmm...ok, now on to Temecula. The show at Madlin’s Coffee House was fun. We played there once before and had a blast so we knew what to expect: good times and sweet caffeine. We decided to get a head start on the drive to Tucson, AZ that night, so we took off after the show. I fell asleep (only to wake up having to urinate SO BAD I had to make Jeff pull off the road…seriously, I’ve never had to pee so bad) and all of a sudden we were in Yuma. Look at a map…that’s a far way to drive after a show. I don’t know how Jeff does it…he’s a machine.

So, because we went so far after the Temecula show, we arrived in Tucson early and ate more Mexican food at this awesome place called Café Poca Cosa. Try it out if you’re ever in Tucson…they make yummy things that I put into my belly and have since pooped out. Awesome meal, really. The show that night was at Club Congress, which usually means free hotel rooms at Hotel Congress, which means no consideration as to how much alcohol you drink (because nobody has to drive), which means…well, you know what that means. We actually opted to get the hell out of there and back to Phoenix that night because we had some new songs we wanted to work out, but we heard it got crazy. Of course, no one could really remember what happened, but it must have been crazy. We’re such nerds. Always ducking out of the party early.

The next day was nice…just rehearsing during the day and then more Mexican food before the show at the Brick House in downtown Phoenix. Seriously, we ate so much Mexican food on this trip…for me it was awesome because it’s hard to come by good Mexican food in New York, but it got a little out of control. Shows at home are always fun, especially when you’ve been playing shows away from home (I’m sort of speaking figuratively here for myself, as Phoenix isn’t my home, but…) because all of sudden you’re doing the same thing you did last night (play a show) but all your friends are there this time. Fun. I rode the gypsy wave with Steel Train in the way of playing drums along with Matthias on three songs, which is always a good time. Jack showed us some killer dance moves at the end of the night. I pet a horse named Jet.

The next day we got some recording done at Chris’ (already thinking about a new album…I can hear you drooling…) and I got on a plane home. That’s it.

Well, thanks for enduring another long-winded and inane live journal. Hope you enjoyed it, people. We’ll keep you posted of any goings on. Until then…


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I didn't proof read (where's John?) [19 Feb 2005|10:48am]
John usually updates this blog but we played a really great show and John wasn’t there so I’m going to do my best retell the events of the night. Mainly because John has been bothering me and wants to know how the show went. The show was the Western Tread acoustic review and it was at the Scottsdale Center of the Arts, which is the perfect venue for an acoustic show.
Before the show all the bands were hanging out down stairs in the ultra plush dressing room equipped with its own piano which was in heavy use with people practicing. Ryan’s daughter appeared in (wizard in training) cape and a huge smile. She was excited to see Jackson Jim’s son. Showtime was drawing near and the mood backstage was almost that of a high school play. People were encouraging each other and unsure of how the nonstop show would go over if at all.
The show opened with Robin Vinning (Sweet bleeders) playing solo piano. The stage looked amazing and the lighting was incredible. With only a spotlight above him Robin played and sang his one original song flawless to a great response. We were next and Chris and I started our set with two untested new songs with the help of Matt (steel/el oso negro) and Jim (drums/JEW). I think they went OK but I can’t really say. We then played three songs off of the Bull with additional support from Ryan (wizard stick), Margo (violin), Robin (accordion/cello), and Amy (keys). I was especially excited with how these songs went seeing as how we had only had one two hour rehearsal prior to the show that didn’t go all that well. I’m going to go out on a limb and say people loved it?
Next up was Monique (el oso negro). I am definitely biased, so with that said I thought she played her two originals like an old pro. She kept the audience’s interest even with the imminent performance by the Format about to take stage with the 14 year old girls in the audience becoming restless to see Nate sing. And then he did, next up was our own Amy Ross. Just kidding, Nate and Sam played 7 songs and I must say I’m always impressed with their ability to draw in the crowd even as a two piece. Highlights were the new songs “snails and dog problems”. Sam’s beard kept trying to talk in between songs but Nate would shoot it a dirty look and then whisper, “listen beard no one is here to see you talk so shhhh I’ve got this, you know how I do!”
Amy Ross’ first song was from the Nowhere man and Whiskey girl collection and then she took a risk and played a JEW cover to a room full of JEW fans with the band on the side of the stage watching. She played crush and she nailed it, perfect. Jim later said, “She sang the shit out of that one, I don’t ever want to sing it again”. Good job Amy I was really proud. Headliners JEW pulled out a pretty mixed bag of old and new as well as instrumentation. Jim talked to the audience and thanked them and I think once again proved why he’s in this business and how humble he truly is.
Overall a great night I hope if you were there you had a good time. If you have any pictures please post them here. Come out and say hi at the upcoming Limbeck/ Steel Train shows. I hope this was OK John.
Just filling in,
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A suitable conduit. [04 Feb 2005|05:14pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Well, I’m back home watching the Ashlee Simpson show, finally getting to the bottom of this Saturday Night Live debacle, and the Format tour is over. I realize that I haven’t written anything about it so here I go.

We started on January 28th with a show at the Marquee in Tempe, AZ with The Format, Dios and Skybox. It was a fun show…I think it sold out, so there were lots of people there, but the crowd was pretty mellow and honestly, we didn’t have the greatest time playing. It was so incredibly hot onstage that we all just had a hard time getting in to it, and…well, enough complaining. Skybox was interesting, with their flamboyant costumes that they wore all night, and Dios was actually very cool. The Format sounded better than maybe we’ve ever heard them. Yay Format.

Ashlee claims she never sings with a backing track, apparently…it was only because of the loss of her voice that night. Yeah, right.

The day after the Marquee show we had a day off to prepare for the three shows we did with the Format, where we, the almighty Reubens Accomplice, acted as the Format’s backing band for five songs. Rehearsal went well and we were ready to go, so we went home early and got some sleep.

The next day we made our way to Hollywood, CA, where we played at the Knitting Factory. On these shows with us were the Necronauts, who rocked us silly, and Chase Pagan, a creamy voiced crooner who played guitar and was backed by a keyboard player. Before we went on at the Knit, Ryan and I saw a guy that looked a lot like Stephen Perkins (the drummer from Jane’s Addiction) helping Chase take gear off the stage and were skeptical until Chase called him Stephen and asked him about drumming. My heart skipped a few beats, as I’ve always been a big Jane’s fan, and I couldn’t get up the nerve to say anything to him (what do you say, anyway…”I like your drumming”?…”You’ve got great hair”?…”where did you get your pants?”), especially because we had to go up and play, but it was exciting for me nonetheless, although I realize that it’s totally nothing and I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m writing about it. Me too. The show sold out, went well, and our debut as the Format’s band was well received. Overall it was a good night.

Ashlee is talentless.

Now, the next couple of days were pretty non-eventful for me, as my family lives in L.A. and I spent them hanging out with my mom and sister. I couldn’t tell you what happened with the rest of the band…I think their days were pretty dull too, just driving to the other shows, eating fast food, and hanging out in hotel rooms, but I can tell you about the shows themselves.

First let me tell you about our obsession with rock, paper, scissors. Nate from the Format was the ring leader with all of this, but got us all into playing the game for the prize of getting to be called “master” or “lord” or whatever it may have been that day, for the entirety of the rest of the day, by the loser. The matches were long…I think the last day of the tour it was first person to 20 maybe…something crazy like that. And there were many variables to what everyone would be referred to. If you won only a few points, you would be called “sloth” or “serf” or something of the sort by the winner of the match. Honestly I never really got it all straight, but they were very emotional and heated battles that left the losers a shell of the person they were and lifted the winners to a state of merciless self-importance. It was pretty brutal.

Anyway, on Tuesday night we played at the American Legion Hall in Ventura, CA, which was basically just a function room at, you guessed it, the American Legion Hall. The American Legion is the nation’s largest veterans organization, supporting present active duty military personnel along with its commitment to all veterans and their families, so says their website. We think they’re a front for the support of underage drinking. The place was actually nice, and the show was fun…on a makeshift stage with the audience crowded all around us while we played…it was intimate…I could smell their breath. The Necronauts kicked everyone’s ass at this show…they sounded awesome. Chase was mellow, as always. We played all right and we all had a really fun time. The Format’s acoustic stuff was nice…the audience sat obediently for the performance and sang along with all their might. All in all it was fun. Before we played, Ryan, Amy, Chris and I went to eat at a Mexican place that gave you stuffed animals to signal to the servers where to bring the food orders. I got a cat and the others got a fake Simba the lion king…it all seemed really strange to me. After the show, I drove back to L.A. to hang with my mom and the rest of the crew went out to Jack in the Box and to sleep. Touring is so crazy and exciting…rock and roll is the life for us!

I guess Stephen Perkins played drums on Chase’s record, which is why he was hanging around. I guess that means I’ll have to buy it.

The next day, my mommy dropped me off on the side of the road and I was picked up by the van to drive down to Anaheim. It was really tough to get off the freeway at the Disneyland exit and not get to go. Instead, we had to play a show at the Chain Reaction, Orange County’s premier all ages club. This show was also sold out and the crowd was very rowdy (for this kind of show). I think it was the first time we ever played where the crowd was pushing and shoving…not quite dancing, and not quite moshing, but something was going on that we weren’t used to. Honestly it was kind of fun…made us feel good about ourselves. Everyone played well and had a fun time. We were all a little sad at the end of the night to go our separate ways, but that’s the way it goes. Our gang went to a hotel literally across the street from the almighty Disneyland complex. Oh man, I love that place so much…it was torture!

The next day we made our way back to Arizona. Most of us slept much of the way (again, this rock and roll lifestyle is nonstop action…you have no idea), and we all made it home in one piece. And that about does it.

What was the highpoint of the trip? Well for me it was a comment Ryan made. In Ventura we saw a mall with a rather tall tower. We asked Ryan if the tower would be a suitable conduit for his wizardry and his response was “well, it’s not very tall, but it’s circular, which helps…but more for sorcery than wizardry.” Good to know…

Until next time,

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